“I first contacted Sam as I’d been suffering with debilitating fatigue and pain for 4 years following a virus.  I had been improving slowly but kept having flare ups which left me housebound. 

We reviewed my diet and made changes which were easy to implement. Sam also recommended some supplements which we review and amend at each appointment to match my symptoms.

Both the pain and fatigue are much improved; I still get weeks where I feel knocked out but they are less frequent than before.

I had hip surgery last year and was told it would take 6 weeks before I could walk again without crutches; with Sam’s help and specific supplements, I made a good recovery in just 3 weeks!

Sam is professional and knowledgeable. I feel I can talk to her about anything. She has a wide range of resources so I know I am getting sound advice. Sam is happy to explain the science behind things which I like to understand having a scientific background myself."

Janette, Feb21