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"I knew from the start my daughter's chronic fatigue symptoms (possible Long Covid) had a biological basis. She had been living with a hypermobility spectrum disorder (suspected Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) and had inspired us all with how she handled the pain and just got on with things. The post-viral fatigue, which became chronic fatigue, knocked her for six. Judging by her ability to manage her connective tissue disorder, including the associated fatigue, which is different to the fatigue generated by chronic fatigue syndrome, we knew she had plenty of mental strength and resilience. Determined to find a way to make her better that wasn't 'she needs to think her way out of it', we discovered Sam and metabolomics testing. The test results proved there was a biological basis for her chronic fatigue (mitochondrial dysfunction, amongst other things), and the measures Sam has helped us put in place have been game-changing. It's early days - pacing is still essential, but she has more energy and is less affected by post-exertional malaise. Thank you, Sam, for helping me help my daughter get her life back." Tanya, Aug23. (Google Review)

“I have been working with Sam in order to reduce the effects of M.E. and IBS with the aim of reducing pain and improving my energy levels. Sam has recommended supplements and small changes to the types of food I eat with the aim of reducing inflammation and the effects of long-term stress. I have been able to maintain these changes and I make more mindful of what, when and how I eat. As a result, I have seen improvements in my quality of sleep, energy levels and a reduction of pain intensity. Seeing these improvements encourages me to keep going with these healthier choices and I am enjoying what I am eating.
I have found Sam’s approach to be professional but also very patient, understanding and easy to talk
to. I felt very comfortable asking her questions and she explained things in a way I could understand, which was great as I do not have any previous experience of working with a nutritional therapist. She was understanding of the health issues I discussed with her and the associated problems and symptoms. Sam’s understanding approach regarding allowed me to making changes at my pace which helped me to build confidence in trying new supplements. I have confidence in her knowledge expertise and recommendations, which means I would have no hesitation in recommending Sam to others.” Cheryl, May23.

"I went to Sam for help after suffering with ME for over 15 years. I found one of the main issues I hadn’t addressed was my diet or lack of nutrition. I was very impressed with the detail of testing done to rule out other conditions and guide a way forward for treatment. I was given many tips to make eating food easier especially for when I was exhausted and dreaded cooking. Sam is very understanding and easy to talk to despite my emotions sometimes taking hold. She was very thorough with her questions and responses to my answers. I found it was easier to talk to then going to a CFS clinic and speaking to Drs who just have a set tick list. I was guided in the right way of supplements to take as I found them very helpful and noticed the changes. I would definitely recommend Sam to friends and family as I was very happy with the progress I made mentally and physically." Sarah, Nov22.


"I came to see Sam for help with ME/CFS and endometriosis. Now I have more energy, feel healthier and have a better knowledge about my body and what is really going on. Sam is knowledgeable and is very trustworthy."
Anon, Jul22

" I suffer with long Covid, perimenopause, fatigue & tiredness & sugar cravings. I was very impressed with Sam’s knowledge and found the session interesting and informative. Sam gave me lots to consider and some reassurance on what I was already doing which was helpful. She made some sensible suggestions about where I could make some modifications to my diet and some additional supplements and explained them well in context to my symptoms, health and wishes. I didn’t expect Sam to go into so much detail in linking different body systems together but it put things into context which was very helpful for my understanding." Hannah, Jul22. (Full Google review) 

"Working with Sam has been life-changing for me"

At the start of Sam’s programme, I was in a right mess – exhausted and permanently fatigued, experiencing rampant food intolerances, problems with memory concentration and focus, a non-functioning sleep cycle and an inability to make decisions. Now, six months later, I am starting to enjoy life again: planning to move house in the next year, able to sleep through the night sometimes and wake rested, able to eat a wider range of foods consistently without becoming ill afterwards, still weary but without the chronic exhaustion that was so debilitating. 
Working with Sam has been life-changing for me. She is an able listener and effective at adjusting the pace of the programme to work with my super-sensitive system. Working with her feels like a partnership – her objectivity, extensive knowledge and experience allied to my willingness to do what it takes." A, Oct21. (Full review)

"Sam’s work changed my life for good"​

"Sam has given quality of life back after 3 years suffering from intestinal problems. I had low energy, feeling poorly all the time, mood swings that destroyed relationships, terror of eating in case I reacted badly, and severe skin reactions. I was consumed by my condition, physically and emotionally. Until I met Sam.10 months later, I feel more energised, concentration levels improved, mood is stable, I sleep better, and my skin looks happier once again. I have been able to eat foods I haven’t eaten in a long time, and I am no longer scared of eating away from home. ​

Sam’s work changed my life for good. I cannot thank her enough for believing in my condition, for her kind perseverance, for tailoring the service to my body's needs, for simply giving me my health and my happiness back." Cristina, Jul21. (Full Google review)

"I contacted Sam because I have chronic fatigue and pain. She went straight to the problem and sought a holistic solution, looking at nutrition, sleep, digestion, and hormones and my energy has improved. Sam is highly professional, efficient and she is a lovely person. Thanks Sam!" Monica, Jul 21 


“I contacted Sam as I’d been suffering with debilitating fatigue and pain for 4 years following a virus. I had been improving slowly but flare-ups left me housebound. After following Sam's advice, both the pain and fatigue are much improved. Sam is professional and knowledgeable. She is happy to explain the science behind things which I like to understand having a scientific background myself." Janette, Feb21 

"After following the recommendations for the last 7 days, I'm managing to get up before midday for the first time in months, I am not flagging so much by mid afternoon, I have lost over 1lb in weight and 1inch off my waist measurement even though I seem to be eating more, my restless legs and leg pains which have plagued me every night for months have reduced in intensity and my brain fog is not so bad. I know this is early days, but WOW, this is so encouraging!" Sheryl, Sep20.

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