What people say

"Working with Sam has been life-changing for me"

At the start of Sam’s programme, I was in a right mess – exhausted and permanently fatigued, experiencing rampant food intolerances, problems with memory concentration and focus, a non-functioning sleep cycle and an inability to make decisions. Now, six months later, I am starting to enjoy life again: planning to move house in the next year, able to sleep through the night sometimes and wake rested, able to eat a wider range of foods consistently without becoming ill afterwards, still weary but without the chronic exhaustion that was so debilitating. 
Working with Sam has been life-changing for me. She is an able listener and effective at adjusting the pace of the programme to work with my super-sensitive system. Working with her feels like a partnership – her objectivity, extensive knowledge and experience allied to my willingness to do what it takes." A, Oct21
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"Sam’s work changed my life for good"

"Sam has given quality of life back after 3 years suffering from intestinal problems. I had low energy, feeling poorly all the time, mood swings that destroyed relationships, terror of eating in case I reacted badly, and severe skin reactions. I was consumed by my condition, physically and emotionally. 

Until I met Sam.10 months later, I feel more energised, concentration levels improved, mood is stable, I sleep better, and my skin looks happier once again. I have been able to eat foods I haven’t eaten in a long time, and I am no longer scared of eating away from home. ​

Sam’s work changed my life for good. I cannot thank her enough for believing in my condition, for her kind perseverance, for tailoring the service to my body's needs, for simply giving me my health and my happiness back." Cristina, Jul21 - see full Google review

"Sam has been a godsend"

"I have a 'borderline' underactive thyroid and I wanted to try and avoid taking medication for as long as possible.  I don't suffer with too many 'typical' underactive thyroid symptoms, however my system was very sluggish and I just felt like I needed an energy boost.

Sam has been a godsend, I thought I knew a lot about the thyroid but I have learnt so much from her and she explains it all so well without blinding me with science!  My symptoms have improved and I feel like the old me again having made a few dietary changes and starting a supplement regime that supports me at the moment.  Sam answers any questions I have, however silly they might seem and always follows up with an email (which I value especially as I suffer with brain fog from time to time)." Toria, May22

"I feel like I am getting my life back"

"After surgeries for papillary thyroid cancer, I was struggling with my overall health - sleep was disturbed, aches and pains in joints and muscles. Sam was fantastic, listening and giving advice and within a few weeks I was less sore, had more energy and sleep quality had improved. I am studying with 2 young children so like every other mum I need to be on top form and I feel like I am getting my life back. Many thanks again!!" Michelle, July 21

Ed, Jan22 "With Sam’s expert guidance and patience, my eczema is no longer ruling my life. I'm also enjoying the extra energy and improved, uninterrupted sleep." read full review

Elaine, Jan22 My large thyroid nodule has started to get smaller and my difficulty swallowing food has, to my delight, almost disappeared. Working with Sam was a joy. I now have a less stressful and healthier everyday life thanks to Sam." see full Google review

Nada, Jan22 "Sam worked with me for 4 months to improve energy and sleep quality. She provided a personalised approach to fit with my lifestyle and that was sustainable for the long-term. My sleep is deeper than before and my energy levels higher - thanks to Sam's guidance!" (total thyroidectomy)

Monica, Jul 21 "I contacted Sam because I have chronic fatigue and pain. She went straight to the problem and sought a holistic solution, looking at nutrition, sleep, digestion, and hormones and my energy has improved. Sam is highly professional, efficient and she is a lovely person. Thanks Sam!"