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A, Oct21 - full review

"I started to work with Sam six months ago after 17 (yes, seventeen) years of attempting to get well. At the start of Sam’s programme, I was in a right mess – exhausted and permanently fatigued, experiencing rampant food intolerances, problems with memory concentration and focus, a non-functioning sleep cycle and an inability to make decisions. I felt significantly ill all the time and, after seeking better health for so long, couldn’t see a way forward. My symptoms had escalated alarmingly in the preceding 12 months and were continuing to worsen. I was running out of hope. 


Now, six months later, I am starting to enjoy life again: able to sleep through the night sometimes and wake rested, able to eat a wider range of foods consistently without becoming ill afterwards, still weary but without the chronic exhaustion that was so debilitating. 


She is an able listener, wants to use the feedback I give about my reactions to supplements and foods to improve the programme, willing to research what she does not fully understand, and effective at adjusting the pace of the programme to work with my super-sensitive system. Working with her feels like a partnership – her objectivity, extensive knowledge and experience allied to my willingness to do what it takes to get well, my intuition about what works well for me and what doesn’t.  I value Sam’s diligence: I know that when she gives me a recommendation for a new supplement or intervention it comes after much thought and deliberation, research and discussions with other practitioners. I still have a way to go to be able to live the full-on life I desire, but I am getting there and am immensely grateful to Sam for her knowledge, tenacity, listening skills and obvious desire to be of service.

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