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Thyroid Conditions

"I began working with Sam with the hope of alleviating my symptoms caused by Hashimotos thyroiditis, causing long periods of chronic fatigue, temperamental gut issues and increasing bouts of illness. At 33 years old it felt impossible to take my dog out on short walks, socialise or eat a meal without consequences. Sam brought insight, validation, gentle encouragement and a wealth of knowledge to each session. With Sam’s guidance, and 5 months of hard work, my energy levels have regained and bouts of fatigue and illness have reduced. I’m finally walking those long miles with my dog again and feeling homeostasis is within reach. I have learnt so much and will be continuing to work with Sam for the long haul. I would highly recommend Sam to anyone feeling lost with their symptoms and in need of a real life energy boost!" Misha, Apr24


"Sam helped me uncover the mechanisms in play with my Hashimotos that were keeping me stuck in fatigue and anxiety. Although my symptoms weren't resolved at the end of the programme, I did feel much better equipped to continue the process and very motivated to do so. Sam is brilliant to work with, has a broad and holistic knowledge of the mind and body and is really dedicated to getting to the bottom of a complex web of symptoms. Would definitely recommend Sam's services." Claire, Sept 23, Google Review


"I really can't recommend Sam Varriale, Energy Nutritionist, highly enough. When my 18 year old daughter was struggling with the devasting effects of her thyroid disease and Hashimotos, and the GP treatment was failing her, I desperately looked around for another avenue of support.Thankfully I found the Thyroid Collective which led us to Sam. Now, 6 months on, my daughter is in a totally different place with her health and mental outlook, she has passed her A levels and gone off to university! 2 things that were looking unlikely at the beginning of the year. Sam's recommendations and individually tailored diet & supplement plans has been a life saver for my daughter and I can't thank her enough." Jenny, Sep 23, Google Review

"I am a 52 year old menopausal women who has had many life challenges this last four years. I decided to treat my previous long term hypo thyroid with NDT prescribed by a functional medicine Doctor who abandoned me after I became hyperthyroid and experienced Graves Disease when my blood work swung to the opposite side of the scale. I also had another functional medicine Doctor and a homeopath and both didn't help me. At this point my GP would not entertain me as the treatment had been done privately. I was lost.
It is scary putting your faith in someone other that the 'reputable' GP and the big pharmaceutical companies that tell you to take the medicines. However Sam made me feel at ease after our first consult, she was realistic and was able to relate to a lot of my health anxieties. My goal was to be cured, not just treat my symptoms. After 8 months of working with Sam and without Thyroid Meds using the supplements and lifestyle support advice my body is balanced and my blood work is in the normal range. I am truly blessed to be able to sit here and tell you, that my food is my medicine.
Despite now being well I have made the decision to continue working with Sam in order to address my menopause and vegetarian diet to enable me to continue being the healthiest I can for my child. I believe the investment in my health with Sam's guidance has been the best decisions I have made." 
Alex, Feb23 (Google review)

"I suffered from thyroid-related poor health for years, and reached a point where I really wanted proper support. Thyroxine and the occasional blood test were simply not enough. I discovered Sam via the Thyroid Collective, and over the past couple of years she has been absolutely key to helping me with issues like fatigue, gut health, bowel health, anxiety and much else.
Sam is friendly and empathetic, but also operates with razor efficiency and professionalism. You immediately know you are in excellent hands. Sam is an absolute expert not just on every supplement she prescribes, but the minute variations between different brands, how they interact together for optimum benefit and when to switch things up. I love the analogy she uses of a garden: sometimes things have to be encouraged to grow, at other times pruned back. Your body is not static, its needs are always in flux, and this is something that Sam understands completely.
Under her care my health has improved remarkably, and I can recommend her very highly indeed." Ruth
, Jan23, Google review

"Sam has been a godsend"

"I have a 'borderline' underactive thyroid and I wanted to try and avoid taking medication for as long as possible.  I don't suffer with too many 'typical' underactive thyroid symptoms, however my system was very sluggish and I just felt like I needed an energy boost.

Sam has been a godsend, I thought I knew a lot about the thyroid but I have learnt so much from her and she explains it all so well without blinding me with science!  My symptoms have improved and I feel like the old me again having made a few dietary changes and starting a supplement regime that supports me at the moment.  Sam answers any questions I have, however silly they might seem and always follows up with an email (which I value especially as I suffer with brain fog from time to time)." Toria, May22

"I feel like I am getting my life back"

"After surgeries for papillary thyroid cancer, I was struggling with my overall health - sleep was disturbed, aches and pains in joints and muscles. Sam was fantastic, listening and giving advice and within a few weeks I was less sore, had more energy and sleep quality had improved. I am studying with 2 young children so like every other mum I need to be on top form and I feel like I am getting my life back. Many thanks again!!" Michelle, July 21

“My large thyroid nodule has started to get smaller and my difficulty swallowing food has, to my delight, almost disappeared. Working with Sam was a joy. I now have a less stressful and healthier everyday life thanks to Sam." 

Elaine, Jan22, Google review

"Sam worked with me for 4 months to improve energy and sleep quality. She provided a personalised approach to fit with my lifestyle and that was sustainable for the long-term. My sleep is deeper than before and my energy levels higher - thanks to Sam's guidance!" (total thyroidectomy) Nada, Jan22, Google Review

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