What would more energy mean for you?

Hi I'm Sam, a registered Nutritional Therapist passionate about supporting people with fatigue to boost their energy, increase their vitality and reclaim their lives.

A demanding 20-year career in marketing, a period of intense personal and professional stress, followed by two viral illnesses back-to-back created the perfect storm which led me to the doctor’s office 7 years ago. Constantly exhausted, unable to sleep and barely able to string a sentence together, I left with a diagnosis of post-viral syndrome, also known as

ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome).

I know how it feels to wonder if you’ll ever get to do the things you love again, whether you’ll be able to work again, whether you'll ever feel better. I remember spending hours searching the web for answers but ending up feeling overwhelmed and even more exhausted.

My search for solutions to my own health issues led me to Nutritional Therapy. This discovery paved the way for me to improve my own health and inspired a dedication to support others to do the same. 

Taking a Functional Medicine approach enables me to focus on understanding and addressing the underlying causes of symptoms and health concerns. I also work with a Functional Medicine GP should the need arise for conventional medications or referral to relevant specialists.

Although I work with people with a range of health concerns, my particular areas of interest are thyroid conditions and ME/CFS, with my approach recognising the interplay of the digestive, endocrine, nervous and immune systems in this complex condition.


Qualifications & Registrations:

Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, Institute for Optimum Nutrition

Registered with British Association of Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT)

Registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) - an accredited nutrition register regulated by the Professional Standards Authority of the United Kingdom​

Member of The Thyroid Collective, founded by Jules Chandler The Thyroid Expert