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"Sam gave us hope that our 13 year old daughter could begin to feel better after being diagnosed with Long Covid/CFS. She was suffering with extreme fatigue, chronic pain and tachycardia. Sam was able to offer further testing and support that the NHS couldn’t provide. Following a simple comprehensive urine test, it was identified that our daughter was deficient in several vitamins and minerals. Sam created a bespoke nutrition plan for our daughter, which encompassed supplements, a food plan and general wellbeing tips.   

As a worrying parent, it was such a huge relief that we now had a plan in place to help improve our daughter's health and wellbeing. Over the past few months our daughter’s energy has significantly increased and the chronic pain has completely disappeared. We just can’t believe the difference! Within 6 months our daughter has gone from barely being able to walk to managing long social interactions and attending school several days per week. I can honestly say that Sam has been a miracle worker. We will be forever grateful for her help." Jen, Mar24 

"I knew from the start my daughter's chronic fatigue symptoms (possible Long Covid) had a biological basis. She had been living with a hypermobility spectrum disorder (suspected Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) and had inspired us all with how she handled the pain and just got on with things. The post-viral fatigue, which became chronic fatigue, knocked her for six. Judging by her ability to manage her connective tissue disorder, including the associated fatigue, which is different to the fatigue generated by chronic fatigue syndrome, we knew she had plenty of mental strength and resilience. Determined to find a way to make her better that wasn't 'she needs to think her way out of it', we discovered Sam and metabolomics testing. The test results proved there was a biological basis for her chronic fatigue (mitochondrial dysfunction, amongst other things), and the measures Sam has helped us put in place have been game-changing. It's early days - pacing is still essential, but she has more energy and is less affected by post-exertional malaise. Thank you, Sam, for helping me help my daughter get her life back." Tanya, Aug23. (Google Review)

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