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Older Reviews

Monica, Jul 21 "I contacted Sam because I have chronic fatigue and pain. She went straight to the problem and sought a holistic solution, looking at nutrition, sleep, digestion, and hormones and my energy has improved. Sam is highly professional, efficient and she is a lovely person. Thanks Sam!"


“I contacted Sam as I’d been suffering with debilitating fatigue and pain for 4 years following a virus. I had been improving slowly but flare-ups left me housebound. After following Sam's advice, both the pain and fatigue are much improved. Sam is professional and knowledgeable. She is happy to explain the science behind things which I like to understand having a scientific background myself." Janette, Feb21 


“Sam is very approachable and knowledgeable and I always feel very comfortable talking though any issues with her. I was recommended to her suffering with trouble from a hiatus hernia and gallstones, looking for some help and guidance re supplements and diet. Since seeing Sam things have really improved and I am now making changes to improve things every day.” K, Jan21


"Sam is patient, interested and educated making for a very rounded approach. I am now making progress and feel supported to work at a pace which works for me. My diet was already quite good but I feel I have more information on important foods to include for my own specific issues and can feel the benefit of this. Sam goes out of her way to research further between appointments which really adds to the follow up sessions. I will keep working with Sam to continue to improve my health and would not hesitate to recommend her to others." Amy, Oct20 


"After following the recommendations for the last 7 days, I'm managing to get up before midday for the first time in months, I am not flagging so much by mid afternoon, I have lost over 1lb in weight and 1inch off my waist measurement even though I seem to be eating more, my restless legs and leg pains which have plagued me every night for months have reduced in intensity and my brain fog is not so bad. I know this is early days, but WOW, this is so encouraging!" Sheryl Sep20

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