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"Sam is a true professional; she follows the science – and this has always appealed to me when considering nutrition. What and what not to eat in the menopause years is confusing and I was at a loss as to which of the many dietary programmes out there to follow. As well as being extremely well qualified, she educates, communicates and advises in a clear way which can be understood and assimilated into everyday life. After a few fascinating sessions I now have a much better idea as to the types of nutrition plans, supplements, amount of exercise and the relevance of fasting which I can apply to reach my targets. She really listens and engages in her clients’ personal goals and I am very relieved that she is now the expert in my corner who can advise when I need to tweak and adjust. Highly recommended." Gail, Aug23, (google review)

"My main health concern was to address digestive issues that I've suffered with for about 23 years. I've tried numerous things over the years but no improvement so felt seeing a thyroid expert would be the very beneficial, as they have the knowledge of thyroid disorder too.

I've only just started on the supplements last few days so too early to notice any changes. However the couple of lifestyle points Sam mentioned have been quite useful to know, as I wasn't aware of histamine & foods containing this beforehand so I've made a couple of tweaks to the diet which I hope will help. 

I appreciated Sam taking on board all of my history to date and sharing a couple of recipes suggestions too. Its been very reassuring to have guidance when ordering supplements as I've randomly tried things over the years without the knowledge of what to take & how to take them, checking in with Sam on this has been really helpful.

Would definitely recommend Sam to others who were looking for support." Clair, Aug23

"When I first met Sam, I had been diagnosed with low blood sugar and I also had gut issues, such as bloating which I hadn’t been able to connect to any particular food.  I saw an endocrinologist privately who was very helpful but he admitted he knew nothing about food.  I needed someone who did, so he advised me to find a good nutritionist. Fortunately, I was recommended to Sam. I was interested in Sam’s background and her experience.  She gave me her leaflet which explained more about her which was interesting, so I had an initial consultation with her. She was very easy to talk to on what is actually quite a delicate subject.  I soon realised she was very organised and would take me through a routine to find out more about my microbiome and my general health.  This was very helpful and very informative.  This led to the opportunity of having tests which I could do at home from well organised kits.  There was no pressure from Sam to do these but it seemed the obvious thing to do if I wanted to know more about what was causing my problems.  

Sam was incredibly knowledgeable about the digestive system, the microbiome and how it is affected by stress and how problems in the gut can cause loss of energy. Now I am feeling better than I have felt for many years.  My digestive system is calm and comfortable, I know what to do if I am hungry  between meals, but mostly I eat well so I often don’t need to snack. Sam was helpful and friendly throughout and she was particularly good at listening and understanding.  She was positive about the likely outcomes and steered me through test results with as much detail as necessary but also with clear easy to understand explanations and advice throughout on how to progress.  I am very grateful to her for her patience, perseverance and understanding.  I would certainly recommend her to my friends and family." Jenny, Jul23

Sam offers personalised programmes that help support clients improve their health with diet and lifestyle changes. This includes helping you achieve optimum health with her guidance.
I have attended her presentations which are very engaging. She is an excellent public speaker. I highly recommend Sam The Energy Nutritionist." Alison, Aug23, (Google review)

"I engaged with Sam to ensure that I keep my thinking up to date and choices informed; although I had no particular health issues. Sam is very easy to talk to, very well prepared before each conversation and extremely knowledgeable, but with an ability to turn the 'science bit' into things even I can understand and act on.
She has really helped me to refine my eating - energising me to change old habits - and has given me very specific guidance on supplement choices; something I really appreciate (are they worth taking? what quantities should I take as the labels always suggest a range? which brands are best? etc. etc). I would recommend Sam to anyone without hesitation. She listens very carefully to what you say & reads your completed questionnaires thoroughly to build up her hypotheses. If you're looking for advice or help or just a new season kick start, don't hang about - just fix an appointment!." Eva, Sep22. (Google review)

"I was already dairy intolerant and having issues with gluten, but after eating a load of fresh grown beans over a month period, my symptoms became exacerbated. I contacted Sam at this point and by the time we had out first meeting I was getting to a stage where most food gave me massive discomfit and digestion problems.
It was affecting my mood, my energy levels and I was in general pain most of the day. I was basically miserable, exhausted and bloated beyond belief.
During the first zoom with Sam, she quickly identified the issues and steered me onto a diet to avoid all food groups that were a cause for concern. Unfortunately I was using salt that was full of allergens and until that was identified thing actually got worse to the point where I could hardly eat anything. However once this puzzle was solved, within a few days the difference was amazing and I started to feel human again. It was a very reduced diet by this point but it worked very quickly and for that I will always be grateful. She definitely knows her stuff.
Some of the courses of treatment worked well and others did not as my stomach was still recovering. It takes time to repair years of damage and I am currently slowly getting better each week just on some basic supplements but I do intend to get back to Sam when finances allow. From where I was to where I got in a short space of time was down to Sam's experience and knowledge and I highly recommend her to anyone suffering as I was;. Anon, Aug22. (Google review)

“Sam is very approachable and knowledgeable and I always feel very comfortable talking though any issues with her. I was recommended to her suffering with trouble from a hiatus hernia and gallstones, looking for some help and guidance re supplements and diet. Since seeing Sam things have really improved and I am now making changes to improve things every day.” K, Jan21.


"Sam is patient, interested and educated making for a very rounded approach. I am now making progress and feel supported to work at a pace which works for me. My diet was already quite good but I feel I have more information on important foods to include for my own specific issues and can feel the benefit of this. Sam goes out of her way to research further between appointments which really adds to the follow up sessions. I will keep working with Sam to continue to improve my health and would not hesitate to recommend her to others." Amy, Oct20.

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