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Ed, Jan22 - full review

"Troubled by how my eczema was increasingly impacting my day-to-day energy levels and confidence, Sam was recommended as someone who may be able to help me gain back control of my eczema. Although I’ve suffered with eczema since birth and experienced extreme flare-ups in the past, I felt it was finally time to get experienced help and support from a qualified nutritionist even though I thought my diet was pretty good. I was tired of being given steroid creams and temporary fixes by my doctor knowing it was masking the issue and not focusing on what the cause might be deep down.

After an initial discovery telephone conversation with Sam to discuss what the programme entailed, I signed up to the  re-energise program and I am so, so glad that I did. With Sam’s expert guidance and patience to answer any questions I may have, my eczema is no longer ruling my life and freeing me to focus on what I want to do. It is funny how by removing those small but frequent obstacles that flared-up eczema can bring how much more energy and confidence I have gained when my skin is calmer and comfortable. I can wear the clothes I want without worrying about flaking skin on dark clothing, I can confidently expose my arms and legs when the sun is out and by removing these small obstacles has freed my mind to enjoy being in the moment without the background distraction that flared eczema brings. One of the additional benefits I particularly enjoy is the extra energy levels I now have through improved regenerative and uninterrupted sleep to be fully rested and ready for what the new day brings.


The journey is not over and I have decided to continue having monthly 30 minute consultations with Sam. These short 30 minute catch-ups are building upon the strong foundation the re-energise program set and now Sam and I are refining and tweaking my programme to adapt it for the seasonal changes of shorter daylight hours, colder weather with dry central heating environments, the festive holiday season and the changes that that brings plus also adapting my programme to align it with my other goals of entering endurance events again. 


I would sincerely like to thank Sam for helping me regain my energy levels and can wholeheartedly recommend Sam to others. If you’re still unsure, at least book yourself an energy review with Sam. What have you got to lose, it's free!"

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